Association Nonprofit partnership Professional customs operators was established in October 2009 and today unites more than 75 organizations.

Goals and objectives

  • Create an open platform for constructive interaction between business and government through discussion and influence on effective decisions on customs regulation
  • Consolidation efforts for developing of equal competition conditions for all participants of foreign trade
  • Lobbying of business interests in the development of proposals for the Customs Union legislation and practical issues of customs control and customs clearance
  • Cooperation with the credit and financial organizations, training centers which are carrying out activity in the sphere of foreign trade including on the basis of membership


  • Representation and defense of common interests of companies- members of Association at Russian, foreign and international state and public organizations
  • Providing of legal, informational, consultative and PR
  • Organization of events in cooperation with the Federal Customs Service and other governmentel authorities and companies (round tables, meetings, seminars, conferences, symposiums, exhibitions etc.)
  • Arrangements for interaction with the Federal Customs Service in the sphere of application of customs legislation, of optimization of customs management and of customs clearance process and in the sphere of information exchange
  • Providing of guarantees for supporting operational activities of Association members
  • Assistance with establishing of business relationship with partners inside Russia and abroad


  • The CONFIAD Pan European Network (Confédération des Agents en Douane), International Federation of Customs Brokers and Customs Representatives
  • The Federal Customs Service Advisory Council the Russian Federation Chamber of Commerce Advisory Council
  • Advisory Council of Moscow regional customs for work with companies involved in external trade
  • Coordination Council for optimizing procedures for foreign trade and transit ows of the State Duma Transport Committee
  • Russian-Kyrgyz Business Council


  • Cooperation and mutual assistance with Belarus Customs Representatives Association and Kazakhstan Association of Customs Brokers
  • Cooperation with Italian National Association of Customs Brokers